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Back in 97 I thought the album was a few great songs surrounded by filler. Nearly 20 years on I think it's improved with age and is one of their best albums.


"I have always believed that it is no coincidence that the band begins All That You Can’t Leave Behind with the glorious and triumphant Beautiful Day. Where Wake Up Dead Man is the Crucifixion and the its immediate aftermath, Beautiful Day is the Resurrection. The brilliance of juxtapostioning the end of POP with the beginning of All That You Can’t Leave Behind is what will make U2 an enduring exceptional band no matter the roller-coaster of their popularity and sales figures."

I think they might be over-analysing things here. All That You Can't Leave Behind and the leading single Beautiful Day was just U2 giving a big fat apology to fans who didn't like Pop. The worst song on Pop is still better than 80% of the songs on ATYCLB. Edited by Grande 3:16
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A great album dissed by Americans still trying to put on the brakes, tie Bono's hair in a ponytail, and force the Joshua Tree into being an album they never moved beyond. I'd rather hear *anything* off Pop than anything off Joshua Tree (except maybe Red Hill Mining Town ;) or Mothers of the Disappeared which resonates with Pop for me). A set with Iris & Gone (are you still holding on...) would be stunning.

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