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Satellite of Love


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I remember on one of the previous iterations of the zootopia board I got into a conversation with another member, and he/she couldn't get on the same page with the sonic heights reached by bono in Satellite of Love during the ZooTV tour. The person either wasn't impressed by the falsetto or perhaps not by the song or both. As you probably know, u2 dusted off the song the other night at MSG. I enjoyed it. But, alas, it wasn't the same. I know bono can still hit the notes, as we see him do it in other songs. Ordinary Love comes to mind. Maybe he just wanted to be more faithful to the original or maybe he just wanted to give the pipes a rest.

In any event, Bono's been singing this song live forever (at least going as far back as live aid in 1985). And as I find myself revisiting the older versions, we see what a master interpreter Bono can be. u2 supposedly can't play other bands' music. Satellite of Love is an exception. How anyone could hear the original and turn it into the breathtaking version from ZooTV is quite amazing, on par with Sir B's friend Old Blue Eyes.


When you love someone, like we love this band, you learn to appreciate all the different versions of songs, a sort of inner evolution inspired by creativity in the face of decreasing vocal range. In the old days, bono could hit the falsesetto one moment and slip back into his talking voice the next. It just makes you appreciate the old and new versions that much more.


bop bop

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