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Presale codes that disappeared (MERGED)


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I'm kinda getting anxious. I haven't had the codes reinstated yet (I'm in Ireland) Will they definitely be back before the presale starts tomorrow.


Since the whole presale is for people with codes, and no one has confirmed any codes restored yet... it stands to reason they will all re-appear in time. Otherwise, it will be a very sleepy pre-sale if no one can buy tickets. ;-)


If you still have the original email from about 5th December 2014, your pre sale code was quoted on that.

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I emailed U2.com support last week and they told me that when the presales are 'announced' we will get an email with a code. Accordingly U2.com/Tours has not announced the presages yet! But you may have noticed that ticketmaster is lined up for pre-sales on Experience members tomorrow (Thursday at 10am) so I guess we have to wait for emails to arrive before that. Like others, I dug out the last pre-sales email from March will use that at 10 tomorrow should not email arrive from U2.com in the mean time and cross my fingers.


As said earlier, if nobody has codes, the it will be busy for support and not sales!


Breathe :-)

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Interesting that ticketmaster appear to be spliting pre-sale into ROI/Ni then rest of Workd and not Experience and Innocence!




Onsale Dates and Times
  • •Sep• 10 Thu

    Fanclub ROI & NI 

    10:00 Local Time

    Ends Fri, September 11, 2015 at 12:00 Local Time

  • •Sep• 11 Fri

    Fanclub Rest of World 

    12:00 Local Time

    Ends Fri, September 11, 2015 at 17:00 Local Time

  • •Sep• 14 Mon

    General public onsale 

    09:00 Local Time

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and just in




Belfast and Dublin - Presales

On Thursday and Friday U2.com subscribers who've not yet taken part in a U2ieTour ticket  presale, can enter a presale for November’s Belfast and Dublin dates

Subscribers in Ireland (Republic of and NI) will be able to enter the presale from Thursday September 10th (10am) until 12noon on Friday 11th.

Subscribers wanting to travel to Ireland for one of the shows will be able to enter a presale  from Friday at 12noon until 5pm. 

There is a limit of two tickets per subscription and as with earlier presales tickets will be available on a first-come first-served basis while supplies last. (Don’t forget, the public onsale for these shows begins on Monday morning at 9am.)

If you’ve already purchased two tickets for earlier U2ieTour shows you are not eligible for this presale.

To take part your subscription must have begun before yesterday’s announcement of the Irish dates. 

Subscribers will be emailed details on taking part.

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