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Presale codes that disappeared (MERGED)


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My subscription ends on the 11th September 2015. Will get I presale code for the Dublin shows. I am from Ireland.


Ronan Kiernan

did you not get one assigned to your last subscription?


Yes I did

if unused, should still be valid

yes it is unused. Thank you for your help

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Just got the e-mail, confirming presale code and presale details.


The code actually appeared about an hour ago, in both the "Tours" page, and also in my "Account Information", and the e-mail came in after that.


It is the same code as I was originally issued with.


Friends who had used theirs have a line drawn across their code, indicating, it cannot be used again. Mine was never used as saved it specially for Dublin, so I am fine.

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There's nothing on my account, and I've had no email- but I still have a note of my unused code from last year- here's hoping it will work

43mins to go :wacko:


please log off from U2.com... once done, delete cookies and cache... close the browser and wait a few seconds. Reopen it and go directly to U2.com. Log in and check your profile...


Consider using another browser - for some reason this worked to other users in the last batch of presales...

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