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Where to find tickets for O2 25-10?


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The official seller is AXS. Their website is,



Ticketmaster is also selling for this event,



I'm not sure whether there are tickets available at the moment. But if not, there have been ticket drops for this show already, & I'd expect more. Most shows have had ticket drops (even GA's available for a short time), but usually quite close to the concert date.


If you are going to hope for a ticket drop, & don't want to be checking the above websites every day (multiple times), you can get help from other forums (though maybe not on Zootopia). 2 other fan forums I know of have ticket drops threads. If you sign you can enable the 'notify' feature to be notified (via email) when someone posts on these forums threads (hopefully related to London 25th Oct). These threads are here,




& here,




Best of luck.

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Hi Marc,


I'm from the Netherlands and have 2 seats for London 25-10. Currently I'm trying to trade for 2 Cologne tickets. If that doesn't work out, I might be selling the tickets at face value if you are interested?

They will be hard copy tickets, but not sure when they will be send out to me.

These are 2 seats section BK 403 row Q.
Face value is 100,- pounds ex. fee.





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