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If you guys travel to Amsterdam to see U2 and have questions about this beautiful city, the public transport system, directions on how to get around and to the venue, local insiders tips, anything. Please ask! I'm more than happy to help you out.


Here's some info on public transport (OV in Dutch).


Remember, there's two different travel companies, the GVB is the travel company of Amsterdam (trams, busses and underground, or metro as we call it). The NS is the train company. 

You can reach the Ziggo Dome both by train (NS) or metro (GVB), or even by bicycle (that's about 40 minutes from city centre)

From Schiphol Airport to the city is only possible by train (or taxi, or special bus), not by local transport (GVB).


About the tickets:

The easiest is a ticket which can be used in train (from airport to city and back) and local transport, it's valid for 1, 2 or 3 days. You can buy it on the airport or at public transport service centers (Amsterdam Central station and some other metro/train stations). It quite expensive, but it saves you a lot of hassle: here's a link: http://en.gvb.nl/ontdek-amsterdam/amsterdam-travel-ticket/amsterdam-travel-ticket-1


It's also possible to buy a train ticket from a machine at the train station (and at the airport train station too), the machine can be switched to English, you can pay with bank cards and with creditcard. 
Ticket from airport to Amsterdam Central Station is just under € 5
Ticket from Amsterdam to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA (where Ziggo Dome is) is just over € 5 (return ticket)


So if you plan to stay in Amsterdam and just use public transport to go to the venue, maybe it's cheaper to buy a single (or better, a return) ticket. 

If you plan to use the public transport more often, you can buy a ticket for a day, or more days. Remember, this ticket is only valid in local transport (bus, metro, tram) of GVB. It brings you to the Ziggo Dome as well. Just take the metro 54 (from Central Station to Gein) or metro 50 (Isolatorweg to Gein) and get out at 'Strandvliet', walk in the direction of the Amsterdam ArenA (Ajax football stadium), turn right just before it, walk a bit around and you'll see the Ziggo Dome which is just besides the main-entrance of the stadium.
Here's more info on the GVB tickets (and where to buy them): http://en.gvb.nl/gvb-dag-meerdagenkaart

Remember, if you decide to buy a 'day-ticket' in the tram, it's hard to get a ticket for more than one day sometimes. 


Finally: if you're planning to stay more days and want to go out on a trip, make sure you take the ferry to NDSM. It's at the back of Amsterdam Central station and brings you to a lovely old wharf where you can enjoy the sun and some drinks :-) Try to find a place called Noorderlicht, it's beyond the big crane, a great venue!


O and the ferries are free! No ticket hassle.


FINALLY 2: Whatever ticket you decide to buy (or try to travel for free by train which isn't that hard), remember to check-in and check-out when you leave the tram/bus or leave the platform/station when using metro or train.

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I can't remember they did the 'hand-numbering' system in Amsterdam. What normally happens is that there is a queue of waiting people outside. When the doors open everyone goes in in some order, but there some running too. But most of the people maintain in there spots, the GA waiting line isn't anything like the 'bubble' you see in southern European (Italy) countries. 

So showing up early must give you a reasonable chance to get to the stage/catwalk. 

However, this year there's a slight different approach as people are divided in two separate GA spots (north- and southside). Not sure if this system will apply for European concerts. 

There are groceries shops in the Bijlmer/ArenA train station and if you walk further there's a whole shopping centre with lots of food shops. In case one of your party is sent out to get the whole group food and drinks.

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Thanks for the above info , very helpful , we too are GA tickets , travelling to your great city on the 7th & leaving on the 10th , we are staying at the frisco inn just over from grasshopper , might see you there ?

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