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U2 Berlin show on 9/25/15‏ - very important letter to Bono


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Dear Bono,


My sister Tal Haguel was supposed to be at your Berlin show on 9/25/15. 
She and her husband and two friends bought tickets over a year ago as she was a huge fan of yours. 
She even danced to your song “One” at her wedding as her first dance.
Sadly, Tal passed away 3 months ago due to a very aggressive cancer
Buying tickets to your show helped keep Tal alive longer than they had expected- it was a bright light and beacon of hope for her 
that she may live long enough to see you perform. 
Tal’s husband Amir and their two friends are still going to the show  on 9/25/15, in honor of Tal and we were wondering if you could help. 
Her whole family would be so appreciative if you could give her a shout out or dedicate this song to her memory. 
It would be a memorable bright spot for her family who have gone through so much already.
With deepest thanks,
Michal Goldshmidt




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Exactly what opening night said. If you have time to drop by the venue around 14-15h you might have luck catching Brian and giving him the letter. He is a really nice guy and will most definitely pass the letter on to Bono.


Very sorry to hear about your sister. 

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