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2 Versions: Crystal Ballroom 12"?


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I have a rip of The Crystal Ballroom (12" version) someone passed along to me from the vinyl version of SoI.  I just found a copy of the Japanese Deluxe Edition and the 12" version is about 20 seconds longer (it has the harmonizing "oooooh" singing at the beginning, the vinyl version seems to start with the drums coming in.


Did I get a bad vinyl copy or did U2 edit the 12" version for the vinyl, but put out the full version for CD/digital releases? The vinyl I have is 7:08, the digital is 7:27. OR maybe it's not the format but the country of origin? 


Just wondering what other people are seeing with their copies of the album.




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I haven't checked this myself, but from the old days of vinyl the time often seemed in exact and identical versions could have the same or different times listed. This was a problem for people who tried to distinguish different versions by length. ~Twenty seconds though is a big difference and as you note there is a clear difference in the music (as opposed to the two versions of New Year's Day that differ by one instrumental bar of music. In other words, nice catch!

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