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Who wants my 2 tickets for Berlin on the 29th? VERY affordable


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First Post here! Hello everyone.


So I have 2 GA tickets for Berlin and I'm in the US and can no longer go.  That doesn't mean someone shouldn't enjoy the show!  The tickets are in my iphone passbook, so please be an iphone user to make this easier.  Now the trade:


I will trade you my 2 tickets for a record i've been meaning to import from Europe:  Pulps reissue of Different People (http://www.discogs.com/Pulp-Different-Class/release/3146582)


Yup, for the cost of an item of ~$40 you can have my two tickets, no hassle, no tricks. Upon agreement I'll imessage you my tickets and trust you to hold your end of the bargain.


Anyone interested?

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