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What do you think of POP?


What do you think of POP?  

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To pick up on the article on POP that's been shared here, I wanted to launch this poll to see if POP is actually as despised by the fanbase as it is by the band.


As far as I'm concerned, it is a great album. What do YOU think?

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I think it's a great album too. Musically it's densely layered with so many interesting things going on, the rough production job actually works in its favour to give it a very raw sound. In terms of subject matter it's very in-your-face and confrontational, and often makes you ask questions about yourself, your beliefs, etc. And because the band barely touch it anymore, I'm always excited when it gets a reference - Bono and Edge doing Staring at the Sun at that Clinton gig, the snippet of Mofo before Iris on the opening night of the current tour in Vancouver - things like that.

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I quite like POP but I think that lyrically some of the songs are very of their time, occasionally weak, and perhaps haven't had the same significance or relevance as others from albums before or since. There are some real stand out tracks on the album though, I"m thinking Do You Feel Loved, Mofo, Please, Gone and Wake Up Dead Man. The thing with POP is that the band have admitted they would love to go back and finish the album and I would love to hear the result of this, if they ever did. Take Gone - a good song but the later Mike Hedges Mix gives it a real anger and depth that the album doesn't. For me, that is. 


I'd love to hear a track thrown into the mix on this current tour - perhaps Do You Feel Loved. Adam is in fine form and I would love to hear how he works the bass lines now on some of the POP tracks - I think the sound would be exceptional.

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It just won't go away. It's like a boomerang.:)

The music is great. I think moving Discothèque to the end creates a better flow. Generally I like it because I can listen and still have my own thoughts.


All of the above.


Reminds me of a Jack- in- the box ??

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I'd have blended Pop,


and a few of the other tracks from the era to create a double album.

A few songs would be dropped,

like Miami and The Playboy Mansion on Pop,

Always Forever Now and Corpse on Passengers.

As I mention in the Shinjuku/Fan Fiction thread,

it's a record that could've properly summed up the frenetic end of Zoo TV vibes in Tokyo,

while letting the band indulge in experimentation and quieter songs as well.

It begins with a rave vibe and ends up in a calm, meditative, soothing place...


Disc 1/

Pop Muzik



Do You Feel Loved


Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me

Last Night On Earth/First Night In Hell Remix

United Colours

Elvis Ate America

One Minute Warning


Disc 2/

Plot 180

Wake Up Dead Man

If God Will Send His Angels

Beach Sequence

Miss Sarajevo

Theme From The Swan

Ito Okashi


Your Blue Room

If You Wear That Velvet Dress

Two Shots Happy One Shot Sad

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