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What do you think of POP?


What do you think of POP?  

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I don't understand what kind of Stories, Projects, Investigations are you doing ??? Could you be more clear?

I am mainly just creating playlists of music related to or featuring U2.

As I have sought information,

I have had some interesting encounters.

One was getting Bill Flanagan on the phone.

He was a senior executive at MTV when I spoke to him.

I loved his book U2 At The End Of The World,

so I thought I'd ask him some questions.


I'll say more in a bit...

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I, for one...Don't like to explain stuff....It ruins the magic of these albums.....I just take the images they create in my mind according to  my personal life experience...I don't care WHAT they used to create the sounds....

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never mind...

I'm not sure how to quote a different thread in this one.

If you'd like to check it out,

I just blab on about how Pop and Passengers could have,

with only a few tunes left off,

been a very interesting double album that is the night in the life of one soul in Tokyo.

VERy Interesting....U2 strolled through tokio after the final ZOo TV show.....and Japan is so deep and full of mystery and magic, Ito Okashi..........

 I love everything they did in the 90's....It's hard to choose between them....All four albums are great (AB, ZOOROPA, Passengers, POP)..........

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I can't possibly understand what happened after 2000....But No Line On the Horizon was a nice try....If they'd only let themselves go on that....But they didn't...Still far better than Behind, Bomb and SOI....And the 2010 Sessions were incredible....The song BOY falls from the SKY being the best, imho.......Would love to see it on SOE...and a Properly ReWorked 'MERCY'....Several Other songs were amazing in their Eno-esque aspects like North Star, Every Breaking Wave and the 2010  Rocking tune Glastonbury which they trashed on SOI .....Volcano works LIVE, though............Bono's mistake was o think that U2 can work out in the studio what u find out 6 month on the road........  they can't possibly find out in the studio what they discover 6 month on the road simply because you can't predict what you'll feel in the future...hence when they re-work songs as they go...... I.E. : Volcano...


Let's not forget gems like SOON and Winter......and No Line on the Horizon 2....

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Lemon is a mutha, ain't it?

As for explaining or saying what I'm observing,

I find that learning more about the work they've done just makes the experience richer.

That's just me though.

I understand wanting to preserve mystery.

If anything though,

I find that all the explaining in the world will never rob a song like With Or Without You of one iota of its magic and mystery.

I just see explanations as a more studied form of point blank enthusiasm.

All those tunes you've mentioned from after 2000 are just more proof that they can deal excellence when they want to.

I think tunes such as A Man And A Woman, Grace, Cedars Of Lebanon, and Sleep Like A Baby are some of the best work they've done in a strong field.

The Troubles?


Pure geniusmanship.

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