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What do you think of POP?


What do you think of POP?  

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LOL, go for it! I Would love to get your insight into WHY you and others prefer Zooropa.

Pretty much my favourite U2 albums at the moment are:

1. TUF (ok, so this hasn't changed since 1984)


3. undecided between SOI+, HTDAAB, NLOTH, Pop, War


I suppose I prefer Zooropa over something like Unforgettable Fire simply because I remember it.


In 1984 when UF was released I was only six-going-on-seven, and it wasn't until around 1988/89 when songs from Rattle & Hum were getting radio airplay that I became aware of U2. In the early 90s I knew of the C&C version of Pride In The Name Of Love and had absolutely no idea it was originally a U2 song. I heard Pride on the radio around the time I got Achtung Baby ('92) and was stunned to learn it was U2. As my collection grew I naturally discovered Unforgettable Fire. Although I liked Unforgettable Fire, and it does have some great songs on it, I never loved it. At the time it was nearly 10 years old, which doesn't sound like much (HTDAAB is 11 now and doesn't seem old to me) but when you're 15 that's most of your lifetime. I was more interested in their current stuff and not their "old" stuff. And lets not forget that in the 90s the 80s were embarrassing and not cool like it is now.


Around the time Zooropa came out I had only been a fan for less than a year. One day went into my local music store and behind the counter was a crappy faxed or photocopied flier reading "New U2 album Zooropa out next Monday". A band I was getting right into and was starting to collect their albums and out of nowhere without warning came a new album! The first album since becoming a fan. Although I didn't think it was as good as AB, it was still a good companion piece to it.


For a long time I always considered Unforgettable Fire to be kind of a stepping stone from War to Joshua Tree. That probably sounds like a cruel criticism, but it really isn't. Without it, I believe the change from War to JT would have been too jarring and JT wouldn't have been the huge success that it was. Fans would have been scratching their heads wondering why the band that gave us Sunday Bloody Sunday were suddenly wearing cowboy hats and singing country songs. But since getting the deluxe version a few years ago and listening to some of the B-Sides, I reckon it sounds kind of like an early Achtung Baby.

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I think it does make a difference what era you are from- UF is my favourite album of all time-I was in my mid teens at that time- it's just magical to me. It makes me weep with its ethereal beauty (dictionary definition- - ethereal:"extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world."-just checking I had the right word!!)


Zooropa - I absolutely adore now- but not when it first came out-(I just wasn't ready for it then), especially the title track, it's my most played track in my i tunes, just wonderful!

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I'm gonna go ahead and say it.......I always find deep intimate stuff in U2 songs that I feel were always meant to be there....And since 2003 when I became a fan (I'm only 27)....Before every album (, Bomb, NLOTH, SOI) I had Ideas and images in my head related to Experiences I've had...and then I found all those things In U2's Next Album !!! Like Bono traveled to my head at night or smth...And Edge's riff on CedarWood Road (My fav song on SOI)...Is a sound SO familiar like I always had ir in my head but couldn't express it !!!!!!


The great artists can create new value using the same tools as before that speak to feelings that the rest of have never been able to express...or at least not express in the same way.

U2 are masters at the Art of making the personal the universal.


So, so true

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All I know is that since roughly Passengers and Pop,

I tended to be prematurely unimpressed and dismissive of songs they wrote,

only to realize later that they had given us yet more magic.

Songs of Innocence was one that I made a point of chewing on longer than in years past and that approach has paid off handsomely.

Songs of Experience will be given ample time to sink in properly as well.

I don't want to miss out like I did before,

shrugging off the idea of seeing U2 in concert because I'd "already seen their peak".

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