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What do you think of POP?


What do you think of POP?  

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by the way,

at the risk of being summarily shot at dawn by all of you for saying it, 

I always felt that Babyface, 

while generally seeming to be about a man who has a "relationship" with a videotaped celebrity on a television,

could be about a man who only gets to see his baby daughter on a videotape.

Maybe it's because he is a traveling salesman...Bono, perhaps? 

Maybe he went through a divorce...The Edge, anyone?

After all, Lemon recounts the preservation of memory where Bono's mother was concerned.

Is it that far of a stretch to suggest that Babyface could have been,

at least in part,

inspired by his daughters "turning around and around (and) going down"

(getting dizzy from spinning around and falling, not what you were thinking...) on a tape sent by his wife?

Maybe he was observing the response of The Edge to video sent to him by his, 

at the time,

soon to be ex-wife of their children.

The Edge inspired a fair amount of the lyrical content on Achtung Baby.

Perhaps he inspired a bit of it on Zooropa as well.


Of course, a few of the lyrics are worrisome when read in this way!
However, I think with the exception of one or two lines,

Bono's touring life almost immediately following the arrival of his second daughter may very well have left him in the predicament of seeing his kids all too infrequently,

sometimes only when the videotapes arrived...

making this reading of the song more plausible.


Some of the lyrics that would appear to be about an adult fantasy relationship could really be Bono toying with language.

"Coming home late at night to turn you on..."

He's just referring to his telly, folks!

Even "bitter sweet girl won't you give me a taste" is not a whole lot different than

"butterfly kisses up and down your wrist" when you think about it.


It's not hip to write about your mother, your father, or your children.

It tells your audience and any haters around that you're getting too old for the business.

So, Bono cleverly disguises a tribute to his daughters with Babyface.

Zoo Station was, in part, about the arrival of his first daughter.

Again, too far of a stretch?


I trust that this won't steer us needlessly into a conversation about how Bono is or is not a pedophile or how I must be one to read this into the lyrics.


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Hansas' Heroes.....Mind-Bending stuff you're telling here......In the good way.

Well, I do my best!

In one sense I could be passing on old news to everyone about this time.

It has just been my impression that it is seen as the relationship between "an ordinary guy" and a starlet on his telly.

I like the more than one interpretation can work here.

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