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U2 SHINJUKU LP (File Under Fan Fiction)


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I have come to the conclusion that the Passengers album and the Pop album could have been better as a double album that included a few tracks from the era not on either record.

I know, I know...

Any tampering is sacrilege for some.

Well, I couldn't help myself!!


Certain tunes I have left off for the sake of the cohesion of the following loose narrative:


I see the track listing below as following the story of someone who is in Tokyo,

on the town,

a lonesome soul,

feeling alone in this world...

and a fucked up world it is, too.

It begins in a rave,

heads out through the alleys and under the neon and high rises of the metropolis,

then on zipping trains around the city on the way back to the hotel,

perhaps with someone they have met,

perhaps just imagining that they had met someone...


It could have some Blade Runner-esque soundtrack-ish moments placed throughout.

As excited as U2 were by their time in Tokyo circa December 1993,

it seems to me that this is the record that might've been...



here are a few clips from that time as a primer of sorts.



U2 In Tokyo

December 1993


Part 1



Part 2





Shinjuku LP


DISC 1/Nighttown


Pop Muzik/



Do You Feel Loved


Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me

Last Night On Earth/First Night In Hell (Remix)

United Colours

Elvis Ate America


DISC 2/Your Blue Room


One Minute Warning

Plot 180

Wake Up Dead Man

If God Will Send His Angels

Beach Sequence

Miss Sarajevo (w/Luciano Pavarotti)

Theme From The Swan

Ito Okashi (w/Holi)


Your Blue Room

If You Wear That Velvet Dress

Two Shots Happy One Shot Sad


Like I said, it starts off with the energy of a rave.

It gradually descends into something far more soothing.

It definitely conjures mental images of Tokyo at night for me.

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I neglected to mention that Shinjuku is an area of Tokyo that Bono briefly describes in one of the above YouTube clips.


I'm glad that this idea appeals to you!

I hadn't thought of the Samsara idea though I think I like it!

The rainy nights we've been having in my neck of the woods got me thinking of Blade Runner and U2's time in Tokyo as documented in U2 At The End Of The World.


I like the idea of a record that is a night time record throughout,

only it begins in the nightclub or rave,

noisy, energetic, neon everywhere,

and gradually becomes calming and meditative,

perhaps even a little melancholic.


Kate Bush released an album with "Director's Cut" mixes of songs from two of her albums.

It got me thinking that rather than do 20th anniversary editions of Passengers and Pop,

they might do something like a Director's Cut of those two.

Who knows?

I know fans are sometimes precious about messing too much with the classics...

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Thank you for that remark!

That just made my day!


I've had Blade Runner Blues on an evening playlist that I've been spinning the last few nights.

It's right in the Shinjuku wheelhouse!

That tune is the mood that got me thinking of the two vibes that Bono seemed attracted to during the mid-90's: the club vibe and the quieter, experimental art vibe.

I'd say more now but I've gotta go!

Thanks again!!

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I don't have much of a catalog, so I appreciate your knowledge.I like soundtracks. I like that concept of the segue. I am lazy, so I like to listen to that dreamy vibe.

Someone has to mess with the classics, It may as well be you.:)

I like the idea of Bladerunner 2,with a U2 soundtrack,yes ? The future is upon us.:)

How about Cloud Atlas? I have to research the soundtrack, I've seen it 2 times focused on the storyline.

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