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To Groupie or not to Groupie

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The summer started out with a friend and I planning to go to a u2 concert together. He just wouldn't commit. So I went by myself. Three concerts. Denver. Chicago. NY (with the boss). It was, of course, magnificent, transcendent, over the top. I had dreams of going to Europe, but decided against, and those second thoughts seemed wise in light of the Stockholm cancellation.

Then last night happened.

Just not fair.

I am about ready to start consuming my right arm, fingers first.

I just can't believe it.

The Zoo Station tour debut. I should have been there.

It stands to reason.

Berlin and all.


I would have given my life savings to have been there.

Oh well.

The money I saved by not going will be used for later u2 concerts.

Hopefully, they will play it then. Unlikely. But a guy can dream.

I knew I should have quit my job and just followed them around the world...

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Hello Kiss  ;)

You already see the boys three time this tour, and maybe you are going again (who knows), but I know how your feeling. We all just can't get enough of the boys, and Zoo Station in Berlin............WOW! 


Me and my daughter went to Stockholm 2. and we had an amazing concert, everything was perfect, and I say perfect!! 


Cheers  ;)

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Thanks for posting. Hadn't seen this in a while and forgot how frikking epic it is.

Pretty amazing how U2 manages to capture the same spirit and soul of Zoo Station in a different era and on the smaller stage and it's still...wow!! I'm happy to have been there during the outdoor Zoo tour.Almost the 23rd anniversary on October 30 for me at Chavez Ravine(Dodger Stadium)

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Thanks for posting! I can relate. I can't watch the live feeds of the tour shows, after being lucky enough to see the 4 Boston shows and a NYC show this summer, without feeling physical pain that I am NOT THERE. Loved seeing the Zoo Tour clip.  I first saw them at age 17, indoor Zoo tour in MA, 1993.  

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