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And if any of the lucky winners is lacking in a U2 nutter partner to go with them.... Well let's just say I'm free tomorrow night and will buy all the drinks

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Just to let you know that there are a few ways to watch the show outside the UK...
Theoretically you could go to the Channel 4 site (http://www.channel4.com/) and with a VPN you could watch it. The problem is that you need to be registered and it seems that outside the UK this is not possible, since it asks for an address...
One easy option: In your computer/laptop, You can go to FilmOn (http://www.filmon.com/), click on "LIVE TV", on  the left menu click on "UK LIVE TV" and scroll to the Channel 4 button...
Be aware that there is a FILMON watermark on the screen and the free option is on SD. Also, there is a chat (which, fortunately, can be closed - just click the CHAT button and it will go away). Finally, there are random ads that may or may not interrupt the show you are watching...
On the FilmOn site you can find links for the Android and iOS apps (http://www.filmon.com/download) for if there is need...
ETA: Unfortunately, this doesn't work in the US. If you get a "Not available in my region" message, Try the next not so easy option (Zatoo) or get a VPN like Tunnel Bear (https://www.tunnelbear.com/), Cyberghost (http://www.cyberghostvpn.com/), Zenmate (https://zenmate.com/) or SpotFlux (http://spotflux.com/). Install it and choose any country but the US...
The not so easy option would be to watch it via Zattoo (http://zattoo.com). This doesn't have a watermark nor a chat, but you will need to subscribe and follow a few steps... also, the free subscription is on SD and also has ads.
First you need a Unlocator account (https://unlocator.com)... it's a paid service but it has a free trial account. Register your account and follow the directions on the Setup Guides section to make it work (basically, it's  a change on your computer DNS). Reboot the computer and go again to the Unlocator site. There, go to the member page and select the Region Settings tab. There go to the Zattoo Region section and select a country. (I recommend Switzerland).
Now go to the Zatto site (zattoo.com) and create an account - there are free and paid accounts, choose the one you feel it's better for you. Once registered, log in and in the menu on the left click on "General Interest" scroll until you find Channel Four.
There may be other options - for these, you need to do a search and tests until you find one that suits your needs (there's still time)...
the small print:
- No endorsement to any of these services or sites should be implied - it's merely what I found it works...

- Any and all stream service depends on a lot of factors, incuding your internet connection and speed - because of this, be ready for the possibility of buffering...
- Since there could be changes to your computer/tablet/phone settings, be sure it's what you want to do and check exhaustively the websites guides and FAQs - no responsibility is taken if something is broken...

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