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In the unlikely event anyone can help, pleeeease??


Hey everyone, yep another rabid fan looking for help!


U2 Tours are now a family event with all three of my daughters and I attending these fantastic events!

This will be my eldest twos fourth U2 gig, my youngests second, our last being the 360 degree show at Hampden in 2009!

(I've been following since Joshua tree tour many many moons ago..lol)


We were fortunate to purchase our i-eTour  tickets through presale last year however since then I have a new partner who I would love to accompany us to Friday nights show (who said romance was dead?? lol!)


I have no idea if anyone can help us or how the electronic ticket side of things will work but I'm ever hopeful nontheless!!


If it helps we will be travelling to Glasgow from Scottish Borders (youngest and I) via Edinburgh (middle daughter lol) meeting eldest daughter amd my partner (hopefully!! at the venue so could offer a lift if needed?


Have looked at ticket prices out there which are crazy, I have never cosidered using touts and will never do so, any tickets I have been unable to use that I have sold on  have always been at face value or less So I'm hoping what goes around comes around lol!!


Thanks for taking the time to read this if you can help that would be fantastic.


If not and you are heading to either show have a great time it promises to be a fantastic night!!


All the very best, K





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