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URGENT: Help for one of the guys who did some of the tour screen visuals this SUNDAY in Paris


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Guys, calm down.

If you want to verify me ask the mods or I can send you to all sorts of info that will verify who I am. 

Or check my social media: instagram @allad1nsane00 twitter @allad1nsane I'm easy to find. 


If you want to reach out to Jeff and ask that's fine as well. Was just trying to help out a fellow designer/artist/fan out. 


Also, his Facebook page is public -- you can see that he asked for exactly what I posted.

I understand there are a lot of weirdos here so sorry to raise your doubts.


I'm trying not to go on the defensive here, but there are many artists (some who I work with frequently) who have contributed to movies, concerts, tours etc who are not officially affiliated with the group/studio/label whatever. Poster artists, etc. They are working artists and don't have special privileges. 


I got him in touch with a photog friend in Paris.


Peace, have a wonderful day everyone.

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