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Bono and Edge at Carnegie Hall World Aids Day 12/1


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So today is Friday the 13th and I am actually having an amazingly lucky day. I entered  a sweeps through the ONE Campaign/RED  to win tix to this great show on Dec 1 at Carnegie Hall.  I don't usually win anything, so I figured it was an extreme long shot. I mentioned this to my daughter who is celebrating her 17th  Birthday on Dec 1 and asked if was OK if I go if by some miracle I  won tickets. I am pushing it as I will be coming back from Dublin the day before after seeing the show on Saturday night.  Not only did she say fine but she entered herself. Today we both got emails that we were invited to go to the show!  


This is actually more meaningful than you know. In the late 80's I was working for an Artist Management firm in NYC and my office was across from Carnegie Hall. I spent many an evening at concerts at Carnegie and Lincoln Center  writing program notes etc. with an amazing bunch of co-workers. Sadly, I remember that quite a large number of friends and friends of friends were succumbing to the dreadful disease that is AIDS during this time. A wonderful coworker who attending my wedding in 1986 died a young man not to long after. It was terrible how the disease seemed to strike the artist community. It was so close to home for me. 


So now I will be going with my husband and 2 daughters to the concert and evening of celebration in honor of all ONE/RED have done. I am truly feeling lucky today on this Friday the 13th that I was meant to be given these tickets. The celebration of my daughters Birthday ads to the prize! Thanks  ONE!  It will surely be another night to remember! 

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