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I can't believe the news today

monica martino

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I'm just back from Paris, at least my heart is still in Paris.




We've attended the IEU2 shows 10 & 11 nov 2015 in Bercy FANTASTIC Rockshows with all the great new songs lots of passion shared in Bercy these 2 nights.



then came Bombs, Blood and Tears ..........................

Our tickets for 14 & 14 nov 2015 are still in our pockets.

PARIS isn't safe ... this is not the moment

Please don't come Back in town U2 now

Cancel these shows

People Died

Rock Fans died

Our Hearts are with them

In the city of Lights



my friend Talia talking about Guillaume B. ,who was at the U2 show in bercy few days before




my U2IEBercy photos





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