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Dublin Shows 1 And 2 #U2ieTour Live Thread

Max Tsukino

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Good morning Dublin City! Starting the day with the Live From the Point Depot album recorded from U2's famous 1989 New Year's Eve show! Today is a culmination of a life's biggest dreams being fulfilled! I had 4 major goals in my life! 3 of them were to secure my future (get my collage degree, first in my family to do so), second was buy my house because we never owned our houses growing up, and third was to have a salary that afforded me a comfortable living! Those 3 goals have been accomplished! The 4th life goal I had at 18 was to see U2 play in their hometown and today that last big goal will be realized! This will be my 15th U2 show but seeing them in Dublin - just incredible!

But know, just as Bono stated at that 1989 concert I am just going to go back home and dream up a whole new set of goals!

"You probably expect me to get all sentimental, yeah.....well, your exactly right. Here's to the future, the only limits are the limits of our imagination.Dream up the kind of world you want to live in! Dream out loud!" Bono 1989

I am pumped for this show! See you in the MG zone!

Here's to hoping every single one of you will experience the amount of happiness and joy that I feel today!!! We all deserve it!

Carpe Diem!

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