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Hi U2.COM Team,

                 I have been a U2 fan for 11 years now. It has always been my dream to watch them live ever since I heard them for the 1st time in 2004. I was 16 then and that was the moment when the miracle occurred. I waited for them to come to India during their Vertigo tour and 360 tour. Thought I could at least travel to either Europe or US to watch them during their 360 tour, but couldn't afford as I just began to work for a living. Finally, I was at a position to be able to afford to watch them live and so I purchased a ticket for the ie tour for the Nov 15th concert in Paris. But, as destiny would have it, I had to return back home disappointed knowing how close I was to the band, yet so far. So, I'm writing to you as a request to consider my case for "who's going to Paris this weekend?" contest. I know I do not qualify for this and also there is a deep guilty sensation in me that I'm asking a favor from a band who has given me so much...given me a life. But, it is also a fact that I simply can't afford a Paris trip once again that too in a short time period. The Schengen Visa that I obtained from the French embassy in Kuala Lumpur(I now live and work here) expires on 27th November. I would be very happy if you could consider me should a slot open up.  It would make my life(again) and I'll ever be indebted to you and the band. Even if it doesn't work out, it's alright. I wish the band and the crew the best of luck and will cheer for them on HBO. Cheers! :-)

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