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I have 2 GA tickets bought for Paris as a member of u2.com, November the 15th. I can't go to December 7th concert.


First I didn' receive any email in order to cancel the  tickets and get a full refund.


Second, I have been trying to contact via email ticketmaster France, and they just won't answer. It's more than 4 e-mal that I have sent in french and english. But they just ignore everything.


At this moment I don't know if tickets are cancelled, when and how I am going to get the refund.


I think that this is a total lack o respect for customers (and fans). It is offensive to be in such a position.


Does anyone have the same experience. Can Baja do something in order to receive just a receipt of my emails. I heard some other spanish fans that they had the same problems.

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Yes, I've had the same experience.


If you hear back and can obtain a # to call, feel free to share.


This is what they tell you to do on the Ticketmaster France HELP page;

Should an event be cancelled (and not postponed), you are fully entitled to a refund of your tickets (excluding any other fees such as postage fees or insurance). 

We invite you to return the original tickets (and keep a copy for yourself) to : 
Ticketnet - Ticketmaster.fr - Service clients web. Challenge 92 - 101, Avenue François Arago - 92017 NANTERRE Cedex - France. 
We advise you to return them with signature mail. In case of loss of your parcel by the postal services, we wouldn't be able to refund you. 
If your tickets are e-tickets, please send them back to : serviceclients@ticketnet.fr. 
You'll be refunded on the credit / debit card used for payement on our website. Please note that we only refund the buyer of the tickets.
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Same "experience" here...


If You bought Your tickets through http://www.ticketmaster.fr/ (ticketnet.fr) You should have received a mail on Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 5:34 PM from Ticketmaster <emailservices@ticketnet.fr> with the following info:





Suites aux récents évènements, les représentations de U2 initialement prévues les 14 et 15 Novembre 2015 ont été annulées.
Le 14 Novembre 2015 à été reporté au 06 Décembre 2015 et le 15 Novembre 2015 a été reporté au 07 Décembre 2015 même heure.
Vos billets restent valables.
Vous pouvez, si vous le souhaitez, demander le remboursement de votre commande.
Voici la procédure à suivre:
Veuillez nous renvoyer vos billets électroniques par mail.
Billets thermiques (envoi en recommandé ou retrait magasin édité):
Veuillez renvoyer la copie de vos billets barrés par mail avec la mention annulée.
Billets collector:
Veuillez nous renvoyer la copie de vos billets collector par mail.
Voici l'adresse mail à laquelle envoyer vos billets: ktalkmann@ticketnet.fr.
Merci de nous préciser si vous souhaitez un remboursement par chèque ou sur la carte bancaire ayant servi au paiement.
Attention! Remboursements autorisés jusqu'au 30 Novembre 2015.
Service Clients Ticketmaster
Challenge 92
101 Avenue François Arago
92017 Nanterre Cedex






But it's true that any mail I've sent to Ticketmaster.fr concerning info or feedback didn't get an answer.... No info either about the refund and when it will take place. For the moment I've got feedback by  Mondial Assistance  that the insurance I've bought for my tickets was canceled on Nov 27. At the moment still no refund on my credit card...
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