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The project "I will follow, U2 by its fans", the book is online


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Hi everybody!

A year ago, I posted a message here to ask for fans testimonials. The idea was to gather testimonials from the whole world and publish a book thanks to crowdfunding. Well, here we go ! The book "I will follow, U2 by its fans" is almost done (should be ready in March 2016), it will be written in french and in english, and we decided to launch the crowdfunding campaign to finance it.


As I'm french, it's been launched on a french website named Ulule.com (it can be compared to IndieGogo in the USA). I, myself, supported several projects on this website, I know I can trust it. 


If you want to have a look online, here is the link >>> ulule.com/iwillfollow-u2/  

There's also a Facebook page dedicated to the project >>> www.facebook.com/u2iwillfollowproject/?notif_t=page_fan 


43 people from 12 different countries (France, Spain, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Australia, USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Peru, Sweden, Canada) have taken part in it and expressed their feelings about U2. The book will be about a hundred pages with a hundred pictures. 


If you want to finance the publishing, and be sent a copy of the book, you're welcome ;) 


Please, talk about it around you, comment, share, like, ask questions so that we can reach a higher goal than the one we put in the first place.


A big thank you to those who sent their testimonials. It was a real pleasure to read them. I hope you'll like the book to come.


Keep on rockin' !



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