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Songs of Experience ... Update

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Honestly? If a U2 single was to be released next week - do you not think there might be a little more activity. C'mon guys. There is no single yet.

We all await it. But ney - it will be a while - not in a little while.

Well, there was virtually no activity right before SOI dropped - on fansites what with rumours and stuff, but on the official website it didn't even get touched upon until about a day before it launched.


That's a fair point I guess on the SOI release. I'm wondering how they might go about releasing their next material now that you raise that point? Let's be honest there was a backlash of sorts. My personal view was that that was very much a storm in a tea-cup and the band defended it as such at the time - lot's of people getting hot under the collar at a U2 album appearing on their iphone at no cost - but without their permission! It did make me laugh.

In the music/ entertainments business they do say any publicity is good publicity - but do we think U2 might return to a more conventional approach to future releases. I think they were a bit peeved to say the least, that they had to defend in some way, the method of release the last time.

I would imagine most fans went out and bought various 'hard' formats of the album in any case upon release - so did the band really achieve much by the en mass download approach?

Maybe I'm just getting old fashioned - whilst I do embrace technology of course -  (who doesn't, we can't seemingly exist without it now) - I do like a good old countdown to release day. :)

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Nos questions à Willie Williams sur la tournée u2achtung-news_n3928_num1.jpg

Lors de l’avant-première du "Live in Paris" le 7 juin dernier, nous avons pu poser quelques questions à Willie Williams (directeur créatif des tournées de U2) au sujet de la tournée IETour après la projection. Voici les échanges que nous avons eus :

U2Achtung : On voit dans le DVD que Bono chante sur The Fly, mais quand cette transition a été incorporée à la setlist, ce n’était pas le cas, exact ?

Willie Williams : Effectivement, Bono ne s’est mis à chanter en live sur The Fly que sur les dernières dates du leg européen, mais pas toutes.

U2A : Au début de la tournée, à Vancouver et quelques dates suivantes, l’intro du concert n’était pas People Have the Powerde Patti Smith, mais un remix de Beat on the Brat des Ramones, qui comportaient des riffs célèbres de U2 (Discothèque, Even Better). Pourquoi ce changement ?

WW : Oui c’est vrai. En fait le premier choix était un choix « intelligent ».

U2A : Effectivement, car avec le titre The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) joué juste derrière, ça faisait sens. Et les fans aimaient vraiment ce remix !

WW : Moi aussi j’adorais cette intro, mais Bono a voulu changer et comme il est fan de Patti Smith, le titre People Have the Power lui donnait vraiment la rage pour monter sur scène. Alors le choix intelligent a fait place au choix de cœur.

U2A : Je suis obligée de vous poser la question : quand va-t-on revoir U2 sur scène ?

WW : Je ne peux rien vous dire, sinon je serais dans l’obligation de vous éliminer… Mais tout est prévu, tout est planifié.

U2A : Vous avez déjà toutes les dates ? Mais ce sera la même scène ?

WW : Oui ce sera la même scène, on ne va pas construire autre chose. Et beaucoup de gens n’ont pas encore vu cette scène. On va repartir, on sait quand, et on repartira avec un nouvel album.

English version:

During the premiere for the Live in Paris on June 7th, we managed to ask a few questions to Willie Williams (set designer on U2 tours) about the IETour after the screening. Here are our questions and his answers:

U2Achtung: We see in the DVD that Bono signs live on The Fly, but when that intermission incorporated the setlist, it wasn’t the case, was it?

Willie Williams: Indeed, Bono started singing live on The Fly on the last dates of the European leg, but not all of them.

U2A: At the beginning of the tour, in Vancouver and a few dates after, the show intro was not People Have the Power by Patti Smith, but a cool remix of Beat on the Brat by The Ramones, which included a few famous riffs by U2 (Discotheque, Even Better). Why did you change?

WW: Well it’s true. In fact, our first choice was a smart one.

U2A: Indeed, because with the son The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) played right after, it made sense. And fans really loved that remix!

WW: I did too, but Bono wanted to change, and as a Patti Smith fan, her song People Have the Power really gave him the energy needed to go on stage. So the smart choice was replaced by the emotional one.

U2A: I must ask you this question: when are we going to see U2 live again?

WW: I can’t tell you anything, or I would have to kill you… But everything is set and planned.

U2A: You already have the dates? Are you going to use the same stage?

WW: Yes, it will be the same stage, we are not going to build anything new… And many people have not seen that show yet. We will go on the road again, with a new album, and we know when.

Par U2achtung

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All very interesting. Been reading as I was in Dublin city centre listening to a shuffle on my U2 Edition iPod (recently acquired)and after the lull Dec to June post SOI tour great to be feeling a bit of U2 hype start up again. My prediction is an album Oct 16 .. Mini promo appearances with tour announcements for early 2017. Not sure when Europe will see a leg but hope late 2017. And I'd say 80% tour staging will be same but they'll mix up the set and add a least one or two big new staging changes just to keep it fresh.

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Will Songs of Experience be a double or single album? Do you think theyll be any references to the Joshua Tree and Actung Baby in there? Or will it be all brand new completely new and unexpected??

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