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I have just watched the Paris show on Youtube.

I live in Laos and for the ten years I have been here, I have been waiting for U2 to play Bangkok.

I never expect them to come here but having seen the show from Paris, I find myself asking why do U2 not take their message to communist countries like Laos, Vietnam, China and North Korea? Bands did this in the eighties, to "Iron Curtain" countries and were considered ground breaking. Why don't U2 break ground to celebrate the end of Ebola in Liberia? Why don't U2 play Myanmar to celebrate advances there? Please do not get me wrong, I am not a critic, I get U2. I am 51 and have been a U2 fan since my teens. Having seen the show in Paris and the power the band wield, I just want to see them give people they care about outside their usual tour venues, the opportunity to experience their music live. Why, why not?

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