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Oooopppss...Speaking of Shuushh.......Maybe ....Listen to Ultraviolet......


The Party may be too crazy to post photos...Maybe some Birthday Hangover Photos tomorrow .....

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@U2, May 17, 2016

By: Fernanda Bottini



A wreath-laying ceremony was organized today by Justice for the Forgotten to mark the 42nd anniversary of the Dublin-Monaghan bombings.

Bono (photo) and Adam attended a remembrance service at the memorial on Talbot Street in Dublin. A floral tribute on behalf of U2 was left there with the note: “Justice for the Forgotten. To all the victims and their families. In our thoughts and prayers on this day. Love, Bono, The Edge, Adam, Larry and Gavin.”

Last year, U2 displayed photos of the victims on the screen during the I+E tour as a background for the song “Raised by Wolves,” written about the 1974 massacre.

Via Atu2

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You are indeed blessed U2, Bono. God's in the music, no doubt about it! Really hard to believe that guns and Christians really seem to hold a connection together. I always scratch my head about why it's so important to have a gun and praise the Lord. That seems like the two shouldn't hold true together, but sadly they do. Seems like the right to bear arms in more important than the right to love or hold values of love. Think that's what's wrong with the world..yes..maybe it's my naive positivism speaking again.. ;) But people seem to put more faith in guns than with God.

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‪#‎Bono‬ Tells Story of ‪#‎U2‬'s "Bullet The Blue Sky" 

Via Bono Street Team


Wow, Cam - I hadn't seen that video b4. Thanx 4 posting! Americans who considered themselves Christian who supported what Reagan was doing in Central America didn't represent all American Christians. They didn't speak for me (although I'm American & Christian). They represented their own viewpoint.


I understand where Bono was coming from. I don't think his viewpoint was simplistic - I think it is politics that oversimplifies things. In fact politics oversimplifies to the point of polarization - when it comes to important subjects, politics paints life as if there are only 2 opinion-positions to choose from - as if you're either a saint or you're evil - depending on which 'side' a person chooses. Real life isn't like that. Central Americans who were struggling for self-determination, human rights, & food to feed their families found themselves in the middle of 2 polarized extremes - a simplistic paradigm of 'capitalism vs communism.' In the process, a lot of truth & innocent human lives got sacrificed. The American Constitution & American laws were also flouted by some of the American politicians who supported what was going on in Central America.


P.S. Speaking of 'Bullet The Blue..' which is a great song, there are only 2 people in the world who I'd 'take a bullet' for, & Bono's 1 of them (not that I'd want to think of such a thing ever happening, Lord forbid). It's not a celebrity thing & it's not that I think he's a saint - it's for the sake of the good he does. B)

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