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Alzheimer's- raising awareness


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I'm a life long U2 fan and wanted to share my story here to raise awareness about Alzheimer's disease. It would be amazing if you could share my story with another person.

Thanks and read on .......


Paul has a wife, 3 kids and 4 grandchildren, he used to be a regular person like you or me.


Paul's wife got frustrated with him, he was getting thoughtless and forgot to take the bins out and other small things. His driving was also getting a bit scarey and he would only drive to Tesco and Oswaldtwistle.....weird right?


This behaviour continued and regular visits to the doctors eventually revealed Paul had Alzheimer's disease, despite him being relatively young.


Paul slowly lost his memories and the knowledge he had acquired over his life. He did crazy things like hiding things, throwing away stuff and trying to raid the booze cupboard at 9 in the morning.


As the disease progressed he started to get agitated and would have bouts of temper and aggression, sometimes lashing out at his loved ones.


He lost the ability to use the toilet and take care of his personal hygiene. This would have upset Paul, had he been aware, as he was always a proud and well groomed man.


Paul was sectioned by the medical experts and now lives in a home. He no longer knows he has a wife, 3 kids and 4 grandchildren and doesn't recognise them when they visit him.


Alzheimer's disease did all this to Paul.


Paul is my dad.

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