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It's October right!

My 54th birthday tomorrow, so the album U2 October really spoke to me.

I'm a pastor, so after a pretty busy weekend with family and church, I'm chilling* this morning relistening to October. I love it! I rejoice, with the rest of the world with a shout!

There's a youthful, dynamic, soulful energy about the album.

It was my first love, my first exposure to U2 and as I listen this morning, it rekindles those feelings of joy as I remember listening to it on a borrowed Walkman, while weed-wacking on a Scripture Union campsite on the beautiful Scottish island of Arrange. It was a glorious summer's day. Every track on October resonated with my soul and with my hopes and dreams as I looked forward to starting Uni and the adventure that is grown-up life.

Thank you U2 for being a big part of the soundtrack of my life.

I mentioned *chilling but since I've been living and working in Laos, these past 13+ years, I need a fan on to do this.

(A tear just ran down my cheek, as "Tomorrow" has just finished playing. It still has power to move me all these years on,)

So here's the deal U2: you're never going to play Vientiane, so how about at least playing Bangkok? That's only an hour from here by plane and I've been watching, waiting, dutifully reading my ThaiTicketm*ster emails in the hope, just the merest, faintest hope that I see U2 appear, playing in the Thai capital. 

Alternatively, if you ever rock up in Vientiane, give us a shout. There's a great Irish bar with good craic and I'm sure you could play a wee set there.

Machine gun guitar intro. of "Stranger in a strange land... I wish you were here."

Okay, so you're rock stars and I'm pastor of a small church but I think we'd find plenty to talk about anyway.

"Is that all?"

Yes, for now, it is!

Till next time...

Blessings on U2 and all those who like me, get it.

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