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Can’t go through today and not post this. 33 years ago today....  

Been away a while. Lost my dad a few weeks back. Back in the saddle!❤️ Love this.  

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Ordinary Love.

The sea wants to kiss the golden shore.
The sunlight warms your skin.
All the beauty that's been lost before, wants to find us again.
I can't fight you anymore; it's you I'm fighting for.
The sea throws rocks together but time, leaves us polished stones.

We can't fall any further if, we can't feel ordinary love.
And we cannot reach any higher, if we can't deal with ordinary love.


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  THE FLY (Remastered), The Lounge FLy MIX, BABY THE FLY and MORE of THE FLY !!!!

   THE FLY for ever

    Did I mention THE FLY ??????

  I remember cranking in My BEST of 90-02 CAssette and it had NO THE FLY stamped on the tracklisting.....I was so disappointed, I was in the car speeding...the red stops streaming besides my window...and after a rather long pause, after The First Time.... IT HIT ME !!!!!!!!!

It was so loud, so crisp...so rich...so perfect...so well remastered......The T Sreet melted..The red blended.......... I can't even explain the madness of the fly...this song saves my life when I feel depressed....

Then when I heard The Lounge Fly Mix for the first time in 2012......

When I first saw The Fly on TV in 2004, My whole life changed from that moment on.....

This song literally saved my life everytime.......


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