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Use of U2 music by FOX noise-like"Christian" program


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I enjoy listening to many sermons on a local radio network (bott radio) in Oklahoma, but am appalled at the vitriol spewed from one particular "news" segment called Janet Mefferd Today. My concern was heightened by Ms. Mefferd's frequent bigotted comments toward the LGBT community (ie implying that homosexuals in the U.S. should receive the same treatment as those in the Middle East), and to top it off her segment closed with the unmistakeable riffs of the Edge playing "Where the Streets Have No Name."

I'm certain this isn't the first time, nor will be the last of people hijacking their music, but I wonder if this is something the band would want to know about. This particular show (Janet Mefferd Today) has taken aim at Bruce Springsteen for his recent support of LBGT rights. I'm not asking for the band to take a side in this issue (recent so-called bathroom bills) only asking if this show may legally use their music without their consent, even for a few seconds?

Respectfully, J

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