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WORLD PEACE. NOW. WOULD YOU HELP? (1). I know the power of music. The vibrations, energy, sent out can heal us. Literally. The molecular structures of our bodies and neural pathways can and do change. In the 60's my friends and I would sing Peace folk songs: we were transformed. (2) After Dallas I saw a video on FB from Toronto where 1500 people gathered and sang Leonard Cohen's "Halleleuia." (3) MY VISION: I got a vision yesterday of the Syrian Refugee camp, emitting light and love and healing energy, and everyone there was singing 24/7. The newspapers picked up the story, so instead of seeing people weeping in anguish, these people had joined to say to the world PEACE IS POSSIBLE. PEACE IS NOW. The vibrations going out to our whole planet are palpable. I can feel it here. (4) Would you help provide the spark, light and energy to ignite the singing in the refugee camps in Syria? Just get them started, then quietly retreat to somewhere else, doing what you do, and leave these people singing. I know this is something you could make manifest. Think of this as a massive experiment...if we could get the planet singing, wouldn't that transform us all? I pray that God's will be done in all of this. And, I know God wants, expects, us to live in harmony and peace. If not now, when? If not me (you), who? Blessings on you and your families and friends. I look forward to your response. In love, Sandra

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