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Most of us love this album, but why do you?

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Hi. So, I am dying to hear more about why, specifically, others are as turned on and excited by this album as I am! And most people here seem to be. I haveread some of the formal reviews some of you have written. But I guess this is a less structured question.


For me, it is the irregularity and asymmetry in the tempos and the complexity of thought and emotion that are articulated through these. I love the mix ofdigital and natural sounds which plant us simultaneously in two different worlds and the melodies in between which bridge those. I love the point on theconceptual/spiritual continuum that the songs have arrived at, which is very soulful but not at all didactic. I like that there is not much anger in thisalbum, although there does seem to be quite a bit of sadness and weariness-- but there is also much light and joy...


I could go on, but would love very much to hear why you love it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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