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Cold November


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Considering what today is, I wanted to go ahead and share this one with you.

Twenty years ago, back when I was first trying to figure out a guitar (by plugging a practice electric into my karaoke machine and turning it up loud for distortion along with the echo) I wanted to take these poems I’d written for a girl I liked and turn them into songs. I figured that was good a place as any to start.

On November 3, 1996, her father, a pastor, died suddenly of a heart attack. It was a difficult thing for all of us to experience, particularly her obviously… but it in any event was something that had a gigantic and long-lasting effect on me. (There’s a lot more to that story in the link at the very bottom).

A year after that, on November 2, 1997, knowing how she was going to feel the next day, I wrote something that I had always intended to be my “One”; my show-closing tear-jerker. I’d had the music, for the most part, for a while, but the words came out in roughly a half hour to an hour. Simple. Straight forward. To the point.

It’s one of my proudest achievements in song, and here it is, remastered for the 15th anniversary release of my debut album. It’s called “ElevenThree”. Let me know what you think.

And if you want to delve more into the story behind the song (as hinted at above), I’ve included another link below to a blog post I did today. I hope it brings healing and hope if/when you need it.


“Cold November” http://www.enderbowen.com/news-updates/journal/cold-november/


Thanks and God Bless

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