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Women’s March on Washington officially has a permit for Jan. 21

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FYI: Dear Marchers:

Women’s March is participating in StoryCorps to record and preserve the stories of why we march, both in Washington and around the world on January 21, 2017. All stories will be archived in the Library of Congress. This is a historic March!
Please join us in recording a story or conducting an interview BEFORE or AFTER the March. It can be as short as 1 min or as long as 45 mins. See below for instructions!
Follow these simple instructions to share your story:
1. Create an account on StoryCorps.me from your computer.
2. Join the Women’s March Page
3. Download the StoryCorps.me app to your phone.
4. Prepare for your recording! You can record either a solo reflection or an interview. Make sure to do a short introduction with your name(s) and location.
5. Use the following questions to help guide your conversation:
If recording BEFORE the March:
Why did you decide to come to the Women’s March on January 21, 2017.
Why is this important to you personally?
What are your hopes for the March and for afterwards?
If recording AFTER:
Paint a picture of the march in words? What did it look like? What did it sounds like?
What was your most memorable moment from the day?
Did anything surprise you?
What have you been thinking about since the March?
6. When prompted to finish and submit your story, please use these keywords, it makes it easier to find your story:
ORGANIZATIONS: Women’s March on Washington, #womensmarch, #womensmarch2017
GENERAL: List other words that describe what you talked about in your recording. Examples: Work, Inauguration, Organizing, Parenting, Health, etc. Use commas to separate each of your keywords.
A documentary film will also be made.  So, please, make, keep and share with us your HD footage from the marches!  We will set up a system for managing documentary-specific submissions post-march.
Go to www.WomensMarch.com/sisters to join or organize a march in  your area!

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5 days until March!


Women's March Global

would like to see more marches in Africa, SE Asia and South America, which is not represented at all, yet.


We are looking for organizers in these regions who would have the wherewithal to pull off a march in their area in 5 days.  

That is all the time we have left!


Please, Anybody, please pass the word along to anyone you know in Africa, S. America or SE Asia

and direct them to the Women's March website  if they think they could stage a march in support of Women's Rights, with a focus on their local issues.  

I know that agrarian reform, misogyny and regicide, sexual violence, human trafficking, ecological destruction, and other issues, are substantive challenges for women in these regions.


We will put them in touch with our organizers.





Thank you!

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Those who are interested in participating in Women's March but cannot stage a march for whatever reason,

you might also consider hosting a solidarity event.  This could be a speaker series, dinner party, anything really...

and recording your event and sharing it with us via StoryCorp.  (please see above post).

We would like to capture as much activity around this action as possible,

and want as many people to participate globally as we can get.


We are building the very first global women's rights movement.  It is AWESOME!

Come join us in some fashion or another, please.



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Good morning!  

5 days until March.

The current march stats are:


50 countries,

121 cities,

370 marches.  

Estimated attendance globally: 1 million based on

Current registered marchers:   694,408 


Please go to www.womensmarch.com/global to join or start a march or solidarity event in your area!

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I'll be there. Hope we overwhelm the city and show the world that Donald Trump is #notmypresident and that he doesn't represent what the majority of Americans believe.

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Will Be Wonderful to See You, PlWheel!


We are building the first-ever Global Women's Rights movement,

in solidarity with marginalized groups and the environment.

This is a pro-active international movement, rather than just a US election protest.  

The election has galvanized people to defend women's rights

as well as the rights of other marginalized groups and the environment.

This is much much much bigger than Donald Trump.  :-)


See you there!  Woo-hoo!!!!   :D

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  Why women will march en masse in Copenhagen after Trump inauguration






Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States on Friday should be the biggest show in town but according to a recent report, it’s likely to be dwarfed in size by the Women’s March on Washington the following day. 

A DC council member told the local NBC affiliate that the city has issued around three times as many tour bus permits for the march than it has for the Inauguration Day events themselves. 
The Women’s March on Washington is expected to draw at least 100,000 people on Saturday. That massive crowd may be just a sliver of the event’s total reach, however. 
Women’s March Global, an international offshoot of the DC march, is reporting that nearly 700,000 people have committed to attend nearly 400 solidarity events in roughly 40 countries around the world. 
Not only is Copenhagen no exception, the so-called ‘sister march’ here may draw one of the largest crowds outside of the United States.
Women’s March Copenhagen spokeswoman Karen Covington told The Local that over 1,000 participants have committed to hit the streets on Saturday, when the local march will go from the US Embassy in Østerbro to the Danish parliament building Christiansborg. 
According to Covington, the Copenhagen event is on pace to be the third largest Women’s March Global event in Europe. 
The Copenhagen march is spearheaded by a team of Danish and American activists. Like the other events being held around the globe, local organizers stress that everyone is welcome, not just women. They said they also want to make clear that the event is not just about protesting the outcome of the US election or displaying resistance to the incoming Trump administration. 
“Trump is just a symptom of what’s been happening. He’s just the culmination. It’s not about him, but what he represents,” Lesley-Ann Brown, a Brooklyn native who has lived in Denmark for the past 18 years, told The Local. 
Brown said that the Copenhagen march is about solidarity, not only amongst the women of the world but also in support of minorities and other marginalized groups. 
On the event’s Facebook page, Brown and her co-organizers write that the sexist and racist tone of the US presidential campaign is a reflection of global struggles. 
“Nationalist, racist and misogynistic trends are growing worldwide and threaten the most marginalized groups in our societies including women, people of colour, immigrants, Muslims, the LGBTQIA community, and people with disabilities,” they write. “The violence of the global capitalist system only upholds and strengthens these dangerous trends.”
Although Brown said she hasn't had a problem with direct racism while living in Denmark, she said that there seems to have been a shift amongst Danes when it comes to attitudes on race and immigration, pointing to the popularity of the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party and the emergence of far-right groups. 

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