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Dreaming, dreaming about tour design....


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Hello Bono (and Friends),


Merry Christmas!


I am still listening to the new Songs album. :-) 


Which brings me to the next album…Is there one?  

I read that you are planning a second leg of the Song’s tour. Is this true?

Oh good!

I have been watching videos of the Innocence tour.  

Wow, Turin is the place to go to a show—WHAT A CROWD!!  If I ever have another opportunity to attend a concert, I am definitely going to one in Turin!  

The US crowds seemed lame by comparison.  Perhaps Americans have adolescent souls. :-)


I absolutely LOVE the orientation of  the media screens down the center of the arenas!

This is a great innovation.  

Eventually, I hope these screens will be replaced by holograms! 

Which brings me to a little bit of out-loud dreaming about tour design, if I may, please?  

I don’t wish to offend anyone. I am sure you already have the coming tour designed, but maybe you might consider something for a future one?


I  mentioned elsewhere that a fanged mealworm named Donald Trump is gnashing away at my 

Raison d'être, and that I would like to do some things about this.  

I understand that you do too.  Do you still?

Yes, well, there is much that can be done. 


In the current world context, we are dealing with fake news, propaganda, misinformation and disinformation — and not just from the Russians!— lies, hacking, impersonation, subversion….

Truth is rendered equivalent to lie.

Cons masquerade as authorities while authority is degraded to mute and meaningless.

Shadows are cast across everything.

Vision is terribly obscured.


On an artistic front, I would like to respond with something like this:


In an arena set-up, I would like to see the hanging screens used in a more fractured lay-out, with many individuals screens hanging at different heights, positions and angles all over the arena.  


Different content, different narratives— or separate streams of the same larger narrative— play on each screen simultaneously so that the audience member must constantly whip his head around and turn in place in order to see everything—but, even so, will miss much of what transpires.  


She will have to come back, to multiple shows, and sit in different areas to see what was missed before, and even then she will not have seen everything!


A Three Ring Circus! (those could be the stages) — The Circus of Authority!  — with caustic critiques and poignant, sardonic spectacles all around one!  


And some visions of hope…of solution… of transmutation… of Democracy…



I have spent a substantive amount of time with Plato’s “The Republic”, and with the Allegory of the Cave, specifically.

I think a modern,punk-rock, visual remix of the Cave critique would be brilliant, and brilliantly serviced by the technical layout I described above.

I don’t know if you have any music for something like this?

Would you be interested in making something like this, by chance?

Are you able to envision what I describe? Maybe I should make an image of some sort?


The air around this Trump situation feels to be made of glass.  One will have to be delicate and cautious, but still searing enough to cauterize this rank and vicious wound.  Disgusting Man. Vile Reality. I cannot abide it.


What do you think?  Have you a thought for this?


Thank you for your consideration.  Merry Christmas! I hope it will be a peaceful one.  :-)


By the way….this is a really great photo.  Everybody looks FANTASTIC!!

Your fingers appear to be curled up, Bono.  Does this mean you can play guitar again?

I so so hope so.  I feel just awful about this accident.

I didn't know.




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Hello, again.


Hey, I was thinking about the multiple-screen staging I mentioned at the head of this thread.

I had considered that set-up at arena scale, because I thought you guys were playing those.


But, if you are going to play stadiums you could do that set-up still and, given the extra space of

a wide-open field, the audience would be able to walk around and about and travel to different screens.

It could be an innovation of the entire concert experience, actually, to have a GA audience in somewhat

random and constant, interactive motion around a space.


It would present a huge tactical and safety design challenge, but certainly could be done.

​And, one could leave much of it to the fans and their phones.  I am sure they would quickly establish

and share the passages that allow one walk safely through the crowd and loop around

to the various areas of the field.  

It could be worked out.  I am sure. Someone from Disney could help figure traffic flow out!


You know, this theme I am suggesting would work just brilliantly with Joshua Tree.  

So perfectly, actually! 

I am sure you already have a plan.  I also imagine it takes a very long time to design 

and build tour staging.  

But...if you have any interest, any interest at all in this idea... 

and if there is any way at all to pull it off on such short notice....

...You could just split the Innocence screen into lots of smaller ones... 

I know you need rigging and feeds and everything, but I have complete faith in engineers.  

Engineers can do anything.

Oh, come on! Shoot. Please??? You know this is a killing concept!

​At least the screen and theme parts are, if not the walking.

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I hope they don't put too much thought into the stage design actually. The design is what I most disliked on the last tour. That LED screen overshadowed everything else.


It was an major step backward from how it was used on 360. People not facing the fronts of the screen couldn't see crap from their seats. I would have given them all a refund.

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