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RIP George Michael


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I have been out of action for sometime, taking a step back caring for my dying mother. So a little longer after the fact, I heard that George Michael was accused of being a "liar" and a "fake" because he covered up his sexuality in the 80s.

It was clear that behind those comments that there was rampant bigotry and homophobia. Why was no one is calling this egomaniac on it?

I remember the 80s when there was hysteria over the AIDS epidemic fuelled by fear of not understanding HIV. People were afraid to touch people who were diagnosed and there was a global backlash against the gay community calling it God's wrath and punishment coming upon the homosexual community. It was dubbed a "gay disease". It was a horrible time and many in the gay community concealed their true selves in order to survive. George Michael was one of those people. He came from a conservative Greek family and was tightly controlled in those days by his record company.  He himself lost the love of his life to AIDS. So not coming out as a proud gay man does not make him a "fake" or a "liar", it makes him intelligent and a survivor. He needed to protect himself from the likes of many, but particularly aggressive conceited blokey racist males who think that they are superior to the rest of us mere mortals. 

One thing I know through the working class grapevine, George Michael was a kind and generous man. I don't think that a man that can't defend himself because he is dead should be attacked by someone who has clear deficits in the frontal lobe region of their brain. I don't care if you have a kazillion dollars in the bank, as you so loudly declare. If you are truly comfortable with your own sexuality why would you attack someone else who is choosing to keep their personal life private? Particularly in the area of their sex life. It's not your business, nor mine. I don't care what people do I care who they are. I don't have a kazillion dollars, but I haven't stepped on anyone, or slept with someone or used anyone during my journey with music. What that has left me with is an ability to not be intimidated by any narcissist who tries to pull rank on me. I look them straight in the eye and stare them down. You would be and should be humiliated in a debate with me. I have seen some of the casualties of your toxic violent abusive behaviour and lay the blame for their dysfunctional behaviour fair and square at your feet. Anyone growing up around you would not stand a chance with your domineering overbearing personality. God help them, they would be altered for life. 

Next time you want to run someone down like George Michael, who was a good man, with issues, like we all have.  Firstly, make sure they are alive, and make sure you haven't been a guest in their house first. Even if you had to leave because you couldn't control your antisocial behaviour. 

If you want to big note yourself on someone else's stage, with their audience and band, knock yourself out. If you were a woman in music, your journey would be much different than it has been. Unless you sleep with someone, inject or stomp on others, you are going nowhere.  What am I talking about....you've already done that even as a man. The carnage of those you have used and stood on to get ahead is well known. 

Having a kazillion dollars and boasting about it, doesn't make you successful.  Having fame, which is stupid anyway, doesn't make you successful. Success is how kind you are to others and the impact you have on their lives. It's one thing to sell your soul, it's another to continue to trample on those that don't deserve it especially from someone with such a limited vocabulary. Take the "F's" out of the rants and it's slim pickins'. The truth is, you are the "fake" and a "liar" and a brown noser to boot. 

The term "woke" is a word that is being thrown around flat out in the UK. The pushback against this word is an attempt to excuse hatred. That's evil.  

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