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Is there a song for THIS someone?


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Hello. I have been a U2 fan my entire life. I love them so much! Is it wrong to say that they are a huge part of who I am?


My heart is broken right now. My life is falling apart! I feel extremely alone and unloved by many of the people in my life. However, I still have my U2 family. And not to mention the band themselves. I long to meet them. I wish I had a chance of winning that tea with Bono & Julia. I want it more than being pulled onto the stage. I want to talk to Bono!  I have wanted to ask him how do I get out of this funk. Hey...both him & Julia did say bring your problems to us. And boy do I have some big problems right now. I won't go into any detail but let's just say it's bad & I don't want to live anymore. If it were not for my love of animals particularly my best friend, Doo & U2 I am not sure I would be here typing this. So I want more than anything to tell Bono thank you for being there my entire life keeping my head above water. U2 has saved me by keeping me believing that things can get better.  They just really have no idea the impact they have on so many lives. All of them are so amazing. The entire U2 crew all the way down to the person who answers the phone. Special people! I am thrilled to be alive when U2 is. And I am grateful they are still together. What great melodies we have heard over the years right? I so wish I had been born in Dublin & met them back when they were starting out. At least getting to see them perform in the early years would have been so cool! But alas, I was a child & hadn't heard of them yet.


My life went a different direction & I was not fortunate enough to be in the company of those people I really relate to. People like U2. In my world, I live with anxiety & depression. I am constantly misunderstood by my loved ones. I am not perfect. Nobody is. I believe our perceptions change everyday. Everyone is responsible for their part in a relationship! So it's okay to admit when you are wrong & it's also okay to stand up for yourself when you are right. However, I am learning though that being right isn't more important in the moment than having peace. That's what is wrong with the world. People so wrapped up in themselves & their own emotions that they fail to see the bigger picture. Life is more than just about getting what YOU want for yourself. It's about giving of yourself. Giving back to this life you have been given & appreciate it by loving others. 


I am being open & honest & I invite others to share. I am listening. I want to know that I am not alone in this emotion of despair. haha that rhymed. Did i mention I am a poet? I am recognizing my qualities. I know despite what others may think, I am not a bad person. I mean how can I be when I follow a band with a message of love? I want to know that there is a song for me too! Is there a song for me? Do I matter? Am I selfish for wanting acceptance & not wanting ridicule or to be alone? So many questions... I just want to talk to Bono. I bet he has the answers.




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