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This is going to be amazing, my first date with my husband was my first U2 show, May 16,1987 at the former Brendan Byrne arena in NJ. we never miss a tour, last time saw 4 of the MSG shows. I'm so psyched! I hope we can get red zone tickets, ant info on that and what Red Hill membership is? My membership lapsed briefly a couple times so mine is only constant for the past 8 years but I go back to the late 80s propaganda days And I still have my metal fan club ID card from years back

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Look forward to the show coming down to Australia in Summer 2017. It makes sense. It's an outdoor show. We have the stadiums and you have an incredible fan base down here. Don't let us down like you have in the past. Please.

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Bit miffed no Glasgow concert, going to try for Red Zone Dublin, love the look of the stage and Red Zone area.



as in previous tours, there is every chance that either Edinburgh or Glasgow will be added... It's been a rare tour in the last 30 years when they haven't travelled to Wales and Scotland along with England....


so wait a week or two while they argue with TM and Live nation about where they can pitch their tents (will it beEdinburgh Murryfield stadium this time or Glasgow Ibrox?)


Additionally, if you don't want to risk waiting, and potentially missing out on the London pre-sale, last year they allowed Zoo members to swap tickets around on the site...


but who knows, maybe this year Live Nation will send us all our tickets directly to our brain stems...

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