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Added Shows? (MERGED)

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With live nation involved u2 could play any where any time.


They can't play a venue that's been book by someone else or unavailable for other reasons. They also might not be able to move their equipment around fast enough to reach venues that maybe are free. They might be the biggest band of the world with the biggest grossing tours, but money can't pay for everything. 

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Any idea specifically when the London Paris Rome and Amsterdam shows were added yesterday? And any thoughts of if and when they will add shows for the NA tour? Will it be prior to 10am?

from the folks at U2songs.com



  • 09:00am GMT: All European shows go on sale.
  • 09:40am GMT: Amsterdam is announced as a sellout, and a second show is announced by the Promotor for July 30, 2017.
  • 09:45am GMT: Paris and Amsterdam are now both listed as sellouts at U2.com
  • 10:05am GMT: London is added to the sellout list at U2.com
  • 10:09am GMT: Second show for London is announced through Live Nation UK.
  • 10:14am GMT: Second show for Paris is announced through Live Nation France.
  • 10:23am GMT: Dublin is added to the sellout list at U2.com but local media reporting this was sold out in approximately 10 minutes.
  • 10:37am GMT: Live Nation announces that the Brussels show is a sell out.
  • 10:38am GMT: Second shows for Amsterdam, Paris and London now appearing on U2.com
  • 10:44am GMT: Second show for Rome announced through promoter.
  • 10:45am GMT: Rome and Berlin are both updated on U2.com to be shown as sold out. Second show for Rome added at U2.com
  • 11:30am GMT: Brussels finally updated on U2.com to show as a sell out.
  • 3:00pm GMT: Barcelona is showing as sold out on Ticketmaster, but has not yet been listed as a sell out on U2.com.
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