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I've never gotten GA for a show, are you being literal about having to line up at 6am to get close to the stage? I'm only 4'11 and worried I won't see a darn thing unless close up.

zuma022, you will likely see RZ ticket option once the sale goes live on Wednesday. The great thing about RZ is you are guaranteed stage side standing, without a whole lot of pushing and shoving, and you can show up just before the show begins. But they'll likely be priced at >$400 Cdn. f you can line up at 6 am, you can do just as well with GA and save a fortune. If not, RZ gets you the position without waiting all day.



There will be U2 fans camping out days before a show, those general admission fans who want to be as close as possible but it's not generally a lot that do that. But most fans will start lining up that morning or early afternoon. It can be quite frustrating especially since you mentioned that you are 4'11.You may be able to move up slowly closer to the stage but with the layout being the way it is and the band continuing to have a smaller B-stage that goes out into the audience that certainly helps. I am 6'3 and I generally feel sorry for the person who has to stand behind me, but at the end of the day I can't do anything about my height but in the past shows, if I see a woman behind me that clearly is having a hard time seeing the stage, I will let her at least stand in front of me. You could also go with one of the reserved seats that way you will be above everyone else on the floor. May cost you more than general admission but would be worth it in the end.

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