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Multiple Access codes at same address/credit card #


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What a minefield!!!


I used my pre sale code that is in my name but as we were using my partners credit card,  we booked the tickets in her name as we wanted the billing address and postage address to match.


Could this be an issue?

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So Ticketmaster is going to run an algorithm against account information to determine whether or not the same HOUSEHOLD bought more than 4 presale tickets. And, it sounds like the algorithm includes account id, billing address, and credit card but NOT presale code.


U2.com will sell subscriptions, and presale codes, to x number of members in the same household. "Did I disappoint you, leave a bad taste in your mouth".


How many people buy subscriptions for the free gift versus how many buy for the presale code?


Seems like their needs to a clear understanding between Ticketmaster and U2.com that 4 tickets are allowed per presale code, final answer. Or, U2.com sells only one subscription to household.





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