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Will General Admission be those stupid flash tickets or paper tickets?


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kind of wondering about Pasadena too.  Credit card entry only for GA doesn't really make sense.  If I have a group of 4 and 2 ppl want to enter at 5pm and the other 2 ppl at 6pm, it doesn't really matter.  My GA tickets are no better than someone else's GA tickets.  Live Nation also holds back tickets until they know how many ppl they will let in the GA area after the local fire department reviews the setup.


actually it makes perfect sense, in terms of the fact that it cuts down scalping issues.  As for the different times, unfortunately, that would mean someone having to make a sacrifice in one direction or the other.

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But it does NOT cut down on scalping and puts stress on the ticket holder.  If I buy tickets for a show in July and cannot make it or am on a business trip in Asia, tell me what I can do? Life happens and events that far in the future can result in conflicts. What if most of my friends and family don't like U2 (which is the case).  Do I just eat the tickets and they go to waste?  Or do I try to resell them and pay a family member to to go the venue, collect the $$, and let the person in, then send my card back to me. YES, that is what happens. This is beyond stupid. Unless you get creative and put them on a pre-paid VISA you are fuc*ed, and that itself is time consuming and I have heard of venues that will not accept them or if they do they need a photo ID. And if you sell to a fan and they have problems, then what? Why can't I at the very LEAST just sell them back to Ticketmaster at cost with fees?  I would love to hear someone address that. Let supply and demand rule; get out of the way. Scalpers will still find ways and it just puts the fan in a bad spot.  U2 is obviously not listening to their fan base on this.  I think the message was loud and clear last tour but obviously fell on deaf ears. 

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