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I would love them to OPEN with 'Streets' ! (MERGED)

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Edge has stated they will play the album in sequence, but probably wont start the show with it, cause u want to build up to the streets.

I figure they will start with other songs, and then halfway through, play JT,  and finish with an encore (or 2).


Then again, nothing is set in stone with U2 and opening with Streets would be epic and immediately shifting the show into 5th gear.

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I just reflect back to Croker 87, my first gig - the place fell apart when the band opened with Streets - yes, different times I accept. I think the crowd reaction would be immense if you just heard that opening orchestral chord sequence as the flood (house)lights went out!

I mean if the band are going retro - they might as well do it right!

Whilst even Adam has hinted on RTE radio what Edge said about Streets being a late in show tune - that's more in sync with them having previously been touring new album material also, which always has taken mostly the early slots in a gig. However, we now know they've pushed 'Experience' back until this is over - so maybe they should re-think where Streets fits.

I'm campaigning for slot No.1!


Think about it, think about standing there, think about like it was the first time you saw that clip from Rattle n Hum , when it went into colour at Sun Devils, unless you were actually at Sun Devils. Think about that 'World in Action' documentary that shows us when we were younger at Croke Park! 


It just feels right and you know it makes sense. :)

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Agree, it does make sense to play Streets in the beginning...but I was also thinking for the US shows at least. Why not 'In God's Country' think of the beginning guitar Edge licks and what that will sound like. It could fit better for the last song as well..and really...I keep thinking what they can do with the visuals, it's going to blow us all away. Remember what they did with the visuals of the Joshua Tree in the desert and that big drum with the holes poked..lol More to come...I believe. I was at the LA Sports Arena where it was so small and to hear and see the Joshua Tree in another visual perspective is going to kick a*s!!


It would make great sense to me as well and like another fan said. Play it at the beginning and throw it as a snippet at the end with another song.

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I think it would be great if they took it back to the original JT tour, and opened with Streets and the red lit background. I bet people would go nuts. I'm split on whether or not I care if they play the whole album in sequence or not. On a smaller scale, I saw Jenny Lewis do this with her Rabbit Fur Coat anniversary tour, where she opened with the entire album in sequence, took a quick intermission, then did a second set of all different material. It was an amazing show, and the concept really worked well for her.

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