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Croke - Seated Gold/Seated Silver pricing?


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Hoping to get tickets to Dublin but am very confused about the pricing that's currently showing up on Ticketmaster IE.  Can anyone provide clarity or will this be explained by EOD today?  For example....


Under 'Event Info' tab:

Gold Hot Ticket includes:
Top Priced seated ticket to see U2 live*

Package holders also receive:
- Commemorative U2 tour laminate + lanyard
- Merchandise item designed exclusively for package purchasers
- Designated check-in with our on-site event staff

*Ticket Face Value Price: 186.00


But.... then under 'Price Range' tab it says 314.50


Same applies to 'Silver' except ticket value listed at 110 and price range tab says as 220...


Is that 'price range' meant to be interpreted as ticket value + the extra goodies?  Trying to determine if the Gold/Silver packages are if you want the add-ons, or if that's the only way to get good seats.  The non-package tickets seem to max out at 186, so are those for lower level seats?


Any help is appreciated.  Many thanks!


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Hi, in my experience, the price is indeed the ticket plus the extra goodies. So the seat is a premium seat but the extra cost is for the goodies. I would think, and in the absence of an official reply, that the seat price of 186 is for a premium seat not a lower seat. Don't know what the 110 for silver package would be for...maybe a premium seat but at the back, further away or maybe higher up and closer. I have managed to get fab seats in prior sales without going for a package so I can't believe that you HAVE to go for a package in order to secure good seats. Good luck tomorrow....me going for Dublin too!

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Yeah usually the gold package is all the extra + one of the top tier seated tickets and silver packages are the same but the next ticket tier down.


When i say tier I mean price bracket as opposed to actual tiers in the stadium lol.

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