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Croke Park : Pitch 1 and Pitch 2


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Yeah I was last there for 360 in 2009 and GA was just GA as normal.

I have read alot of articles over the years about unhappy local residents so maybe a compromise has been reached?

Could be, I really don't know.


They should really post information about this, if that really is the reason then it would be in their favour for people to know about it. As long as there is uncertainty, people will queue up early...


I found a slightly more detailed seating chart on Seatwave, it also shows the barrier.


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They will never stop fans lining up early, that will happen no matter what. If they block off crowds right outside the stadium, then fans will start lining up just outside where they block it off.

You're always going to get those fans that will start a numbering system etc.

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I had asked promoters MCD whether those with Pitch 1 tickets will be able to get access to the enclosed area in front of the stage.  They got back and confirmed what Ticketmaster already tweeted last week in relation to this:


"Thanks for your email. There is a set capacity between the two areas, and there is no movement between the two areas. This has been outlined in the booking process"

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