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Going to Twickenham?

Mark Taylor

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I'm going - and found out today that some old school friends of mine will also be joining me in the GA line  :D


I'm also pondering making a sign to hold up if I'm near the front. On one side, it will say "Play Spaceman" to request that Noel plays the Oasis B-side "D'Yer Wanna be a Spaceman?" and then the flip side will say "Shine Like Stars". But then if I'm holding a sign, I can't clap and wave my arms... 


Maybe if I put the sign on a string so I can hold it up above my head but still keep it attached to me... ? 


Not sure yet. I will keep pondering...

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I'll be there!!

I was considering GA, as usually go standing on most tours, but Twickenham is quite far for me and I couldn't find friends who could commit that amount of money in time for the presales.

I'll be in block L9 row 12..I am really looking forward to hearing the songs I haven't seen live before like Red Hill Mining Town, Trip Through Your Wires and one of my personal favourite, In God'd Country.., together with some of the more rare B-sides..

It might be more emotional than I am giving it credit, as I got into U2 because a cassette of The Joshua Tree album was left in my Media Studies classroom back in 1995 and I just happened to be curious ti listen to it and from the opening chords of Streets, that was it.....From then on I got all their albums and been to every tour since PopMart in 1997.

I hope everyone who is going to Twickenham  has a great time and it exceeds even our own high expectations:)!

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