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Toronto - Presale crap


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your password... starts with U2JTA?.


U2JTB... I think I've found my problem. One hour of ticket buying stress for nothing! But at least that solves it. Better luck tomorrow I suppose!



Your code is for Wires - it won't work until tomorrow...


That makes much more sense now. I remember (perhaps incorrectly) that it specified the group next to the code for I+E so I kind of just assumed (technically) being an existing subscriber that it was for Red Hill. I shall try again tomorrow morning.

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Can anyone post how much tickets cost in each section? I'm hoping to buy through the Wires sale tomorrow.


There are a few price tiers by section/level/location. Not counting the VIP or Red Zone, we've got this:


Level 100 - $100, $155, $280

Level 200 - $100, $155

Level 500 - $35, $70, $100

GA - $70

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Still plenty of tickets available in all sections except red zone. This is pretty surprising compared to the other markets, I guess U2 is starting to cool off here...or people are investing whatever cash they have left into this ridiculous housing market we have here. Either way people in the Wires group tomorrow I think should be fine.



$70 - GA's

$280 - Level 100's closer to the stage

$155 - Level 100's behind dugout area's further away from stage, and some closer 200 level ones.

$100 - Level 200 further back rows and first bunch of rows for level 500

$35 - Level 500 higher up but facing directly to the stage

$346 - Red Zone....good luck with that lol


Hope this helps!

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anyone know if all tickets are paperless? or just GA sec?

When I bought mine (via ticketmaster/chrome/on pc) I got 500 level and the option came up to select paperless for delivery.  That was my only choice.



My 200 level seats were also paperless (no other option).

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