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Unsuccessful going for Chicago GA's

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My code worked, but no GA were found :(


I'll keep trying...

I skipped Chicago this time as much as I wanted to go to bring back some food, One Republic will be in Cleveland, better opener. Didn't get a good one both legs in Chicago. 


I have seen One Republic multiple times and they are incredible but I have also seen The Lumineers and they were great.  I wanted Mumford and Sons but The Lumineers are great.  I hope you get your seats wherever but please don't poo-poo this show after the stress we all just endured getting our tickets!!!#$@%???!!!!!!  It's not cool. 

Go Blackhawks!  May I humbly add the Packers to that too, as I am from Milwaukee and the Bears are not in the playoffs?  :))

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To Anyone trying to use the disabled part of the presale:  DON'T.  I finally found out that no disabled seats for the GA platform were released.  So we are wasting time filling out that ridiculous disabled section.  Go for GAs.  Buy them.  There is a platform.  After the regular sale starts....call customer service for TM and have them convert those GA tix to disabled platform GA tix.  Make sure you call customer service...not ticket sales or you will be bounced around yet again.  While you have them on the phone....mention the term is accessiblity and not disabled!!!

great tips :)

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