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Question about CC Entry

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Can I theoretically just get my RZ tickets with my Photo ID and give them my CC to get in for the LL seats?

I'd call or email the VIP info contact you got today with your RZ confirmation and ask. If you're there early the RZ tickets are handled by actual human beings who work for Red/U2 at most venues and they are friendly and do a good job of working with people, so you'll probably be able to work something out.

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Here's what it says for RZ on my email this time:

"Thank you for purchasing a (RED) Zone ticket. Your souvenir ticket included in the package will be available for pickup at the venue the day of the show. All (RED) Zone tickets will be issued at the designated (RED) Zone check in location (or other designated location at the venue) prior to the show on the date of the event only. CHECK-IN LOCATION & TIME INFORMATION WILL BE EMAILED OUT 3-5 DAYS PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE SHOW. If you have not received this 3 days before the show please contact Ticketmaster immediately. All packages are will-call only. All packages are NON-REFUNDABLE. All sales are final. You must bring a valid PHOTO ID matching the PURCHASER/ATTENDEE NAME on this order. Those who cannot present a photo ID matching the PURCHASER name on the order will be turned away. IF YOU ARE ADDING AN ALTERNATE PICK UP NAME please contact XXXXX within 10 days of purchase. If you have any questions regarding the ticket portion of your purchase or have not received your confirmation email, please email XXXX or call XXXX. Please note: This offer is not valid if tickets are purchased through third party reseller."


This is what it said last time too and that's the way it worked on IE in Chicago, but every venue is different. I do know that the email they sent out ahead of time for RZ was VERY detailed. I got mine on 6/29 for the show on 7/2


Sorry, I had to edit to take out the emails and phone numbers. I forgot those are against the rules. I can PM you with them if you need them.



Hi Kyle,


I would love it if you can PM me with those contact names/numbers.   :)


Thank you,



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